In year 1927 for donors bought and empty land and offered it to venerable SARANANKARA thero. The present kindelpitiya sri punyawardanaramaya meritorious land is this the.

The one time small wattle and daub monastery has known because a great shrink. The compliment should go from venerable SARANANKARA thero to the present incumbent venerable ARIYA MAITHREE thero. The year 1957 Venerable saranankara thera departed from this world.

In year 1928 venerable DUMBARA PALITHA Thero entered monkhood. At the time the venerable was 13 years old. The venerable monk left to get pirivena education in 1929 and in year 1938 ordained. The venerable was able to speak English language very fluently and join sama samaja party to do a social – political service to the nation.

In year 1953 witch ban of the party the venerable was taken in to custody. In 1957 the venerable became the chief incumbent. He had a great flair for wright in and re sighting poems.

The jagaddhala children well faire society witch started with 10 children in 1959 was increasing to 70 children the venerable DUMBARA PALITHA Thera departed from this world in 1991. The venerable ARIYA MAITHREE thero born in 1947 and being the one only student of the incumbent monk was ordained in 1972 and become the chief incumbent in year 1991.

Since then the service rendered by venerable amidst financial difficulties is beyond wards.

Venerable theros who departed from this world

Saranankara Thero

1927 - 1957

Dumbara Palitha Thero

1957 - 1991

venerable theros presently incumbent

Ariya Maithree Thero

Since 1991

Agalawatte Gnanawimala Thero

Since 1995